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Brigitte Gedek Science Award for Mycotoxinology 2010

Prestigious Brigitte Gedek Science Award 2010 given to research group from Leipzig, Germany


Dr. Tobias Polte, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, and his co-workers Nicole Schütze, Irina Lehmann, Ulrike Bönisch, and Jan C. Simon are the 2010 recipients. Their award-winning publication is entitled "Exposure to mycotoxins increases the allergic immune response in a murine asthma model" and was published 2010 in the "American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine", 181, 1188-1199.


The Society for Mycotoxin Research awards the Brigitte Gedek Science Award for outstanding scientific achievements in the area of mycotoxicology on a biennial basis since 2000, with the generous support from Prof. Dr. Brigitte Gedek (formerly Professor for Bacteriology and Mycology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany). The award is endowed with 10,000 Euro, further emphasizing the outstanding importance of this honour in the field of life sciences.


Dr. T. Polte


Dr. Polte studied Pharmacy at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, and made his PhD at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Prof. Henning Schröder) at the same University in 2000, is the head of a German "Helmholtz University Young Investigators Group". Dr. Polte, as the representative of the group, officially received the award document from the hands of the president of the Society for Mycotoxin Research, Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Humpf, during the 32nd Mycotoxin Workshop 2010 in Lyngby, Denmark.


In his laudatio, Prof. Humpf explained how the laureates for the first time "

examined the role of mycotoxin exposure in allergy development. In their distinguished publication, the effects of several mycotoxins were studied in a murine model of allergic asthma.

The results suggest that mycotoxins could be responsible for the observed health effects of indoor mold exposure. This publication describes for the first time in vivo effects caused by mycotoxin exposure in the development of allergic asthma.

Furthermore, the study demonstrates underlying mechanisms leading to the observed health effects detailed studies of several signalling pathways. The publication not only shows mycotoxins as possible risk factors for allergy development but also provides some new information regarding the interaction of these molecules with the immune system.

Taken together this is an excellent and innovative publication and stimulates a rather new but highly important research area in the field of mycotoxins."

We congratulate Dr. Polte and his team!




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