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European legislation for mycotoxins in food consists in principal of two main regulations. Commission Regulation 1881/2006 (pdf 147 kb), last mycotoxin related update by Commission Regulation 1058/2012 (pdf 49 kb), setting maximum levels for aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, patulin, deoxynivalenol, zearelenone, fumonisins, T2 and HT2 toxin in a variety of different foodstuffs and by Commission Regulation 212/2014 (pdf 800 kb), setting maximum levels for citrinin in food supplements based on rice fermented with red yeast Monascus purpureus.

Consolidated version of 1881/2006 of 03 Dec 2012 (pdf 184 kb; 212/2014 not yet included).


The second main piece of legislation is Commission Regulation 401/2006 (pdf 135 kb) defining sampling schemes and analytical method performance criteria.

Regulation 401/2006 has been amended by Commission Regulation 178/2010 (pdf 94 kb) regarding the sampling of spices, nuts and oil fruits.

Consolidated version of 401/2006 of 13 Mar 2010 (pdf 163 kb).


Only aflatoxin B1 and ergot (Claviceps purpurea) are regulated in animal feed. Directive 2002/32 (pdf 145 kb) sets those maximum levels and was amended by Commission Directive 2003/100 (pdf 110 kb) and Commission Regulation 574/2011 (pdf 1006 kb).

Consolidated version of 2002/32 of 26 Feb 2013 (pdf 871 kb).


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